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Hi, Has anyone built a two storey extension and was it straight forward? Thanks

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Identifying NSC (Non-standard construction) Hi, I am looking at purchasing a house in Hartlepool but the mortgage people are clearly confused as to the meaning of NSC (Non-standard construction). Are you able to identify if this is a BISF Type A?   Thanks

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I am renovating a BISF house in South Wales but have an issue with noisy neighbours. I think this is mostly down to them being noisy but partly due to the poor construction between the properties. As my photographs show, I have stripped the walls upstairs and downstairs back to the breeze blocks. My first […]

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Weaste steel homes, steel estate, weaste, emanuel whittaker, second world war, salford, mark foster, kitchens, upvc, john gallagher, Salford city council, post-war Source: £600,000 facelift on Salford’s ‘steel’ homes is complete

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Featured BISF Property, Aylesbury Todays featured BISF Property is currently Sold subject to contract after being promoted online by our advertising partner Zoopla, and offered for sale via the online estate agency house  BISF houses are probably one of the easiest types of property to renovate internally as none of the internal walls are […]

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Wrexham Council’s Executive Board has approved £54m investment, aimed at upgrading its housing stock… Wrexham Council’s ambitious project to modernize its entire housing stock has a received a massive boost after a record £54m investment was approved by the Council’s Executive Board. The local authority said that the spending programme agreed for 2016/17 will ensure […]

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An External Wall Insulation solution for Welsh housing Wrexham County Borough Council outline their push in getting homes ready for the Welsh Housing Quality Standard by installing External Wall Insulation as a solution for tackling fuel poverty in some of its coldest homes… Private and council owned homes in the area have been able to […]

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8 March, 2016 A major improvement project to modernise more than 60 steel-built homes in Salford is gathering pace. Salix Homes is working alongside Oldham-based building specialists Emanuel Whittaker to transform 67 homes on the Weaste Steel estate. The estate, built in 1948, is made up of pre-fabricated-style homes, known as British steel framed houses, […]

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Lord Bourne, the parliamentary under-secretary of state for climate change, has announced that plans to implement a new domestic energy efficiency scheme to fill the gap since Green Deal was axed, will be delayed until at least 2017. Replacement Green Deal scheme delayed until 2017 The Energy and Climate Change Select Committee met in January […]

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We’re thinking of bringing our Fireplace back into occasional use, has anyone got any advice, or experience of this? Thanks, Sean

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The £500,000 BISF House As the saying goes, “It’s very good, in Cricklewood”, and for a select few BISF Homeowners their house values are very good too! That’s because Cricklewood, north-west London, is home to Prayle Grove and Wallcote Avenue, two typical outer London streets, lined with what could be the UK’s most valuable BISF […]

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On the 23rd July 2015, the following announcement was made by the new Energy Secretary Amber Rudd, declaring that Funding for the Green Deal scheme will cease

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Are you ready for open plan living? We take a look back at two of the most amazing open-plan BISF interiors to see what can be achieved in any home with just a little bit of planning and an awful lot of hard work.

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B.I.S.F PROPERTIES IN FALKIRK RECEIVE STRUCTURAL EXTERNAL WALL INSULATION FOR WARMER HOMES Falkirk Council has focused its sights on alleviating the causes and affects of fuel poverty by addressing inequalities. Their social housing investment fund of £89m includes a proportion of funding that has been set aside for energy efficiency upgrades toward it’s non-traditional housing […]

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This BISF property is located at Marshfield Road, Maerdy, Ferndale CF43 BISF HOUSE COMMENT With a guide price of £32,000, this property could be an ideal property investment for first time buyers or private landlords looking to expand their current portfolio. If sold at or near the current guide price, it would become one of the […]

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The BISF house is a British Steel Framed house, designed and produced by the British Iron and Steel Federation, and erected around the country from 1946 often using prisoners and former prisoners of war. During the Second World War, the Inter-departmental Committee on House construction, commonly called the Burt Committee, was formed. This committee was […]

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We are thinking of removing the wall between the front room and hall way so that it is open plan at the front of the house, but a friend says that there is a steel support behind front room door .please help if you if that’s right or wrong .thanks,    

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Having lived in a BISF house for 20 odd years we have moved the ground floor layout about to suite our needs various times over the years. When the kids were young we had the whole lot open plan but as the family has got older its nice to have a few separate rooms. At […]

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Hi all,  I am wondering if someone can recommend a structural surveyor in the Falkirk area for a BISF house.  I am purchasing one soon and before everything is done I want to get a survey done to make sure it’s structurally sound.    The House is immaculate and has had a new roof and […]

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We understand that finding a Mortgage provider for any Non Standard or Non Traditional property can be somewhat of a challenge. We have created a list of Mortgage providers below detailing their current lending criteria in relation to BISF houses and in due course we shall extend this list to include all non traditional property […]

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Hello everyone! I have just had an offer accepted on my first house (which happens to be a 3 bed BISF home in Bath) I got it for just over 161K which I thought was a bargain for the area! I’ve looked into things a bit further and it looks like there are some pre-conceived […]

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Hi all, just thought I’d share our boiler replacement because although I’m sure it’s been done before, I have not heard of anyone replacing the back boiler with a new boiler in the loft. In my opinion there is no really satisfactory place for a new boiler in the house itself or the out-house. It […]

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As evidenced by previous case studies, Metrotile Lightweight Roofing systems are the premier choice when refitting or refurbishing  non-traditional properties in the United Kingdom.  In Cannock Chase, Staffordshire, Cannock Chase Council and Keepmoat Housing oversee housing stock that includes non standard built properties including, Cornish Units and Reema dwellings; Cornish Units were constructed post World […]

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